Undergraduate Research


Students at Michigan State University are expected to take learning seriously, to be engaged learners and critical thinkers. By providing unique instructional opportunities, MSU ensures that students are given the advantages of intellectual inquiry and practical learning.

Undergraduate research, traditionally provided by only small private universities, is a value-added component to the quality undergraduate education experience at MSU. Participating in original research allows undergraduates to contribute to the overall body of knowledge while gaining valuable experience in the research process.

All undergraduates in the Department of Plant Biology are required to complete an independent research project, PLB 498 Undergraduate Research. We encourage students to start in a research lab by the fall semester of their junior year. This gives students time to learn research techniques and develop ideas for an independent project, which we recommend students start the following summer or in the fall semester of their senior year. To find out more about undergraduate research opportunities in the Department of Plant Biology, please look at the Faculty & Research page or contact your Undergraduate Advisor. Please see also Undergraduate Research at MSU. Plant Biology students frequently present their work at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum and at conferences and meetings.

PLB 498 - Undergraduate Research Form and Proposal Guidelines
(to use this form as a fillable form, download and then open with Acrobat Reader)

  • All PLB undergraduates must complete at least 3 credits of PLB 498
  • Submit completed forms and proposals to Dr. Tammy Long at longta@msu.edu.
  • Proposals are due by the first week of classes during the semester you wish to complete the research. Note, you may begin the research in semesters before you register for the course.