What tutoring resources are available at MSU?

Visit the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative Academic Support page for a list of topical, college-based, and other academic support programs at MSU.

Free tutoring resources on campus:

  • The Math Learning Center (MLC) has free tutoring, problem sessions, and exam reviews in C-125 Wells Hall and free tutoring in the Neighborhood Engagement Centers: 
  • The Chemistry Help Room offers tutoring in rooms 81 and 83 in the Chemistry Building. The hours will be posted outside the help room door. 
  • The BioSci Help Room, located N202 North Kedzie, offers free tutoring for BS 161, 162, 171, and 172.
  • The Statistics Help Room is located in A102 Wells Hall.
  • The Writing Center has free help with writing assignments. 
  • The Physics Help Room for PHY 183 is 1248 Biomedical Physical Sciences. The hours are posted outside the door. 
  • Social Science Help Room offers tutoring for ISS, IAH, EC, HST, PLS, and SOC courses.
  • The English Language Lab for non-native English speakers.

Paid tutors: