If a required course that I need is full, what do I do?

You will need to set an alert for the course. Look up the course on the Schedule of Courses. Click on the black X next to the section that you want to add. This section of the course will now show up on your Schedule Builder screen under Planned Courses for the semester. Click on the Alert button that shows up next to the course.

This will open up another page, the Open Seat Notifications, where you can choose if you want an email and/or text message alert. You can choose alerts for that specific section of the course or all sections. If a space opens up in the class, you will be sent a notification. If you chose “all sections” and the notification is for a different section than is already on your Planned Courses on Schedule Builder, you will need to add that section to your Planned Courses. If you are already enrolled for the course in a future semester, you will need to drop the course from the future semester before enrolling.

You need to make sure that you keep your Alert active. After you have received 5 alert notifications, your alert will be cancelled, so if you haven’t been able to add the class, you’ll need to reset your alert. You can check if your alert is active by going to the Open Seat Notifications page. It's on the Schedule of Courses, under the Schedule Tools tab. If the alert is not listed as Active, you'll need to reset it.