Can I take classes at another college or university and transfer them to MSU?

If you have completed less than 56 credits at MSU, then you can complete classes at a 2-yr college to transfer to MSU. Once you have completed 56 credits at MSU (this includes transfer credits), then you can only transfer credits from a 4-yr university to MSU. To receive transfer credit at MSU, you must receive at least a 2.0 in the course. After completing the course, send the transcript to MSU Office of Admissions.

To check to see if courses at another college are equivalent to courses at MSU, go to Choose the course code at MSU and the college where you want to take the course. Equivalent course numbers at the other university will be listed. It is also possible that another college may have a similar course to a course at MSU, but it hasn’t yet been evaluated for credit. 

If you check the other university’s website and you see a course with a similar name to the course you are interested in at MSU, you can request a copy of the syllabus from that university. You will then submit the syllabus to the department that would administer the MSU course to have it evaluated for credit.

To find the appropriate department, look up the MSU course that you are interested in taking for transfer credit on Schedule of Courses. The department or program contact information (phone number and webpage) will be in the upper right corner of the page.

To enroll at another Michigan institution, students fill out the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application form.