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A plant biology degree is an excellent credential for a wide range of career options, including domestic and international opportunities in business, research and teaching in both governmental and private sectors. Plant biologists can work in the field, in the forest, in the laboratory, in botanical gardens or nurseries, in food or seed companies, or in pharmaceutical, energy or chemical industries, and pursue rewarding careers in the areas of biotechnology, environmental science and stewardship or agribusiness. The program is also an excellent background for students wishing to enter graduate or other professional schools, including medicine, law or journalism.

Undergraduate Degrees

For the Bachelor of Science Degree in Plant Biology or Environmental Science/Plant Biology, you must complete 120 credits, including general elective credits. The University Tier II writing requirement for the majors is met by completing Plant Biology 498 and 499 and one of the following courses: Zoology 355L or 445.

Degrees in Plant Biology

  1. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Plant Biology
  2. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Biology/Plant Biology

PLB 498 Undergraduate Research Form

  • Must attach a 1-2 page proposal with Independent Study Form
  • Must receive approval from Dr. Ebert-May     
  • Must take 3-4 credits                                                   

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Diane Ebert-May, Director of Undergraduate Studies
270 Plant Biology Bldg.
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Academic Advisor
Kendra Pyle Kanaboshi
105B Biochemistry Bldg.
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Undergraduate Secretary:
Shawna Prater
166 Plant Biology Bldg.
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