Wilkerson Shares at Classes Without Quizzes

  • Apr 23, 2016
  • News

Plant Biology had the opportunity to be a part of a real unique program on Saturday, April 23 through the College of Natural Science 7th Annual Classes Without Quizzes 2016 – an insider’s look at MSU’s science research and education. Nearly 170 alumni took part in this one-day event held in the Molecular Plant Sciences Building – a unique and fun day that was informative, engaging, and inspiring.

Our very own Curtis Wilkerson was one of the faculty members asked to share in the day. As an associate professor for Plant Biology, Curtis and his colleagues work to enhance poplar trees so they break down more easily, improving their viability as a biofuel. “Be designing poplars for deconstruction, we can improve the degradability of a useful biomass product,” said Wilkerson, a Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) scientist. “Poplars flourish on marginal lands not suitable for food crops, making them a non-competing and sustainable source of biofuel.” His presentation for the day was entitled Adding Zippers to Plant Cell Walls: Engineering Plant Cell Walls for Deconstruction.

Great job, Curtis! And thanks for highlighting all the wonderful things MSU’s Plant Biology is doing locally and throughout the world.


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