The MSU Investiture 2016

  • Nov 1, 2016
  • News


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The Michigan State University Investiture of 2016, held October 28, 2016, celebrates MSU's commitment to academic excellence and innovation by bestowing recognition at the university level to those who hold endowed chair and professor positions. This year's honorees, along with the entire faculty attending the event, are teachers and researchers whose work helps MSU to continue raising the bar on what we can achieve.

Among those honored at the event were MSU Foundation Professors. Established in 2014 by the MSU Foundation, the title of MSU Foundation Professor is awarded to exceptionally accomplished faculty members, current and incoming, who are recommended for the honor by their deans. These talented researchers are leaders in their disciplines, advancing specific areas of scholarly need, disciplinary development, or research or creative emphasis at MSU. Awardees retain the title of MSU Foundation Professor for the duration of their service at MSU, and typically receive scholarly support for the first five years after receiving the award.

Congratulations to Plant Biology faculty who received medallions at the event as MSU Foundation Professors:

Christoph Benning
Federica Brandizzi
C. Robin Buell
Christopher Klausmeier