SER Awards Research Medals

  • Jan 17, 2019
  • News

Emily Grman has won the Bradshaw Medal for her 2015 Restoration Ecology paper ( Grman and fellow researchers found that the number of seed species planted, versus the species of adult plants that survive, often varies. This variability is critical for practitioners to understand – different species require different conditions to grow and thrive. “I think land managers have an intuitive sense of which species are reliable and which aren't, but it's useful for researchers to get some numbers on that. I hope practitioners weigh in on whether their experiences are similar in other regions. Furthermore,” Grman says, “these results can point us towards future research: we know which species we can help by sowing in higher densities, and which species need additional help (though we may not yet know what kind of help will be most effective).” 

Emily is a Plant Biology alum (Ph.D. with Kay Gross, postdoc with Lars Brudvig), and this award is for a paper is from her work in the Brudvig lab. Emily is now faculty at Eastern Michigan University. Chad Zirbel (former Ph.D. student with my group), Tyler Bassett (former Ph.D. student with Jen Lau and postdoc with my group), and I are co-authors on the paper (but the award is to Emily, as the lead author).

The Bradshaw Medal is a new award from the Society for Ecological Restoration, for outstanding papers published in the society’s flagship journal Restoration Ecology “that advance the field of restoration ecology in a significant way.”