Fall Seminar Course on Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering

  • Jun 19, 2015
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We wish to draw your attention to the one credit seminar course "Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability" (BMB960), which is being offered during the Fall Semester.  This course will meet once per week for approximately six weeks during the semester, and will count toward the seminar requirement of many graduate programs.   This course is part of the Graduate Training Program of the same name (https://plantmetabolism.natsci.msu.edu/), and is planned to prepare students to participate more fully in the Annual Symposium being held 9-10 October 2015. Thus, the course will focus on different topics each year.  Among the topics for this year are:


1. Systems and Synthetic Biology of Medicinal Plant Natural Products 
                -Discovery and reconstruction of morphine biosynthesis in microbes
                -Elucidation of tropane alkaloid biosynthesis

2. Plant Specialized Metabolites - Roles in Health and Nutrition

3. How Plants and Fungi make Novel Health Promoting and Toxic Compounds

4. Next Generation Biotechnology Crops
                -Genome editing and novel engineering strategies for biotech crops
                -Engineering drought tolerance
                -Developing deep water rice

Because there is minimal overlap of course content with last year, past students are welcome to enroll.

Corny Barry        
Gregg Howe
Rob Last