C. ROBIN BUELL; William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award

  • Feb 27, 2015
  • News

Department of Plant Biology
College of Natural Science

C. Robin Buell has been involved in large, international collaborations that have employed genomic and bioinformatic approaches to analyzing crop plants, approaches for which she is internationally recognized as an expert.  Her expertise has not only enabled numerous advances in the understanding of basic plant biology but also in applied plant science, particularly in breeding improved varieties. 
A central member of the consortium that generated the rice genome sequence, a crop that feeds 50 percent of the world’s population every day, Dr. Buell and her research team developed a public database for rice researchers that receives more than two million annual visits from scientists around the world.  She was also instrumental in the the recent sequencing of the potato varieties with increased yield, quality, and enhanced disease resistance.
Over her career, Dr. Buell has generated more than $44 million in federally funded grants, including the NIH funded Medicinal Plant Genomics project, the USDA funded Solanaceae coordinated agricultural Project, the NSF funded Maize Nutritional Genomics projects, the NSF funded Potato Genomics project, the NSF funded Rice Transposable Element Evolution project, a USDA Genome Engineering Risk Assessment project, and a USDA Biofuels Feedstock Genomics project.  She has published more than 60 papers in prestigious journals.  For her research accomplishments, Dr. Buell is the recipient of numerous awards, including the USDA Honor Award, the MSU College of Natural Science Meritorious Faculty Award, and the MSU College of Natural Science Distinguished Faculty Award.  She is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Dr. Buell is an enthusiastic teacher and instills passion for genomics and the discoveries technology can enable in biology into her lectures.  She has developed a graduate course that is highly rated by students.  She provides critical training in genomics and bioinformatics to faculty, staff, and students at MSU through workshops that have enabled researchers to incorporate these emerging disciplines into their research programs.  Dr. Buell has mentored many postdoctoral fellows, four of whom received USDA or NSF postdoctoral fellowships under her direction.  She has also mentored high school and undergraduate students in research projects, many of whom have gone on to attend prestigious universities. 
Dr. C. Robin Buell, an internationally renowned scholar and a dedicated mentor and teacher is a highly deserving recipient of the William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award.