Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Plant Biology at Michigan State Arabido on tripUniversity is one of the finest in the country for research, training, and scholarship in the plant sciences. Plant Biology is central to the wide divergence of disciplines that make up modern plant science at Michigan State University.

Students in this program can study all aspects of plant biology, from the molecule to the ecosystem, and they are trained to integrate information between different hierarchies of biological organization. In addition to a core of seminar requirements, the student’s program is individually tailored depending on their interests and background.

The Department of Plant Biology offers both an M.S. and a Ph.D. degree, and it is possible for students to get dual degrees or certifications by fulfilling requirements in various other programs offered by the University. Our graduate students are supported by many national and international fellowship programs, by university, college, and departmental level fellowships, teaching and research assistantships, and by grants to individual faculty members. We urge applicants to review carefully the research interests of the faculty, and to contact those faculty members with whom they might like to work, well in advance of the application deadline (December 1), to inquire about possible sponsorship.

Graduate Application Deadline for Fall admission is November 25th of the previous year.