Marjorie Weber

  • Faculty, Ecology, Evolution & Systematics, Plant-Pollinator / Herbivore

Assistant Professor of Plant Biology
Ph.D. Cornell University

Department of Plant Biology
612 Wilson Road, Room 262
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA

  (517) 432-0677 (office)
  (517) 355-5967 (lab)


The Weber Lab studies how ecological interactions impact phenotypic evolution and diversification across evolutionary scales. Our research focuses on trait-mediated interactions between species (typically plants, arthropods, and fungi), with an emphasis on plant traits that mediate mutualistic and defensive interactions. Our work merges phylogenetic and experimental approaches, and integrates ecology, evolutionary biology, and natural history. For more information on research, publications, and job opportunities, please see the lab website.

Weber Lab Website.