Chad Niederhuth

Assistant Professor of Plant Biology
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia
Function and evolution of plant epigenomes and genomes

John B. Ohlrogge

Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology
University Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. University of Michigan
Lipid and fatty acid biosynthesis, metabolic engineering, genomics, regulation of metabolism, seed oil accumulation

Katherine W. Osteryoung

Professor of Plant Biology
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Structural organization and dynamics of the chloroplast division machinery; molecular mechanisms controlling chloroplast division and expansion in plant cells

Research Associate (Shachar-Hill Lab)
 (517) 432-5294

Bill Park

Information Technology Coordinator
 (517) 432-5939

Senior Research Associate (Ding lab)
 (517) 432-4881

Bibin Paulose

Research Associate (Schnell Lab)
 (517) 432-0669

Emily Pawlowski

Research Technologist
 (517) 432-0669

Chasidy Perez

Executive Secretary
 (517) 432-4429

Research Associate (Childs lab)
 (517) 884.6927

Kenneth Poff

Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology
Ph.D. University of West Virginia
Mechanisms of phototropism and gravitropism

Katie Porter

Research Associate (Osteryoung Lab)
 (517) 355-6589

L. Alan Prather

Associate Professor of Plant Biology
Director of the Herbarium

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Plant systematics and the evolution of floral morphology and pollination systems

Kendra Pyle

Academic Advisor
  105B Biochemistry Building
  (517) 353-5556

Research Associate (Hu lab)
 (517) 432.4622

Lynn Richardson

Research Associate (Schnell Lab)
 (517) 432-0669

Ludmila Roze

Research Associate (Trail Lab)
 (517) 355-4575

Doug Schemske

Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology
Ph.D. University of Illinois
The goal of my research is to characterize the mechanisms of adaptation

Danny J. Schnell

Professor of Plant Biology
Chairperson, Department of Plant Biology

Ph.D. (University of California, Davis)

Barbara B. Sears

Professor Emerita of Plant Biology
Director Emerita, Genetics Graduate Program

Ph.D. Duke University
The Sears research group investigates the genetic controls of chloroplast DNA replication and repair and plant mitochondrial recombination